Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Other Things to Do at Halong Bay

The most obvious way to enjoy Halong Bay is to get on one of the hillside perches and get an eyeful of the whole bay as it unfolds below. From this perspective, you can clearly see what the big deal is all about. The immensity of the bay below unfolds before your eyes as you scan the horizon from one end to the other. You are treated to a grand vista made up of the undulating lines of green-topped islands that seem to float off the waters of the bay. The view is made even more impressive by periodic mists that seem to hug the water and definitely amplifies the extremely ethereal feel of the bay. While sightseeing is one of the greatest attractions at Halong Bay, the good news is that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the things you can do. Here are just three of the major alternative activities you can do at Halong Bay.
Water sports
As awesome as Halong Bay looks from up top, it also looks great at ground level. You can swim and do all sorts of water sports on the Bay. There are some spots where you can even go fishing. There is something extra special about actually getting into the water instead of just observing the islands and taking in the view. You become a participant in the awesome view you are beholding instead of being a passive observer. By swimming, fishing, and beach combing around the bay, you will quickly realize that Halong Bay is not just picture postcard material but is actually an experience in of itself.
Cave explorations
Since most of Halong Bay' s islands are limestone, there are a lot of caves around the bay. While some of the caves are your typical land-level caves, some are definitely more exotic. Just how exotic? How about underground water level caves? Never mind the bay views from this cave, just exploring these caves is an adventure in of itself.
If you love the challenge of climbing up the face of a mountain, Halong Bay is just the spot for you. While the bay's islands take center stage, there are many hillsides along the bay and they offer some great hiking challenges. As an added bonus, you get to look to the side and see the bay. The bay makes for a great backdrop for a challenging and rewarding hiking exploration. There is no dead brush on these trails. Instead, you are treated to a lush tropical hiking adventure that takes your hiking proficiency to another level. If you like being challenged, Halong Bay's trails will give you a decent workout. Also,you get the added bonus of seeing misty fog swallow parts of the islands if you are lucky enough to hike at the right time.
Fishing village explorations
Of course, no trip to Halong Bay would be complete without checking out the many old-time fishing villages around the bay. They help you peer back to the days of a simpler time in Vietnam's history.
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